Creativity Department

TRUCK’s Eclettic, Innovation and Design, has reinvented a MODERN APPROACH TO THE SECTOR. A new interpretation of this idea and a craftsmanship completely Italian, unbeatable in quality and attention to detail


From the contemporary Art Museums from all over the world drawing Artistic Inspiration that influences the choice in the environment and in the internal decoration and the development of projects and new ideas.

The forerunner of a philosophy that goes beyond its cope. TRUCK observes society in various settings, both near and far, in culture and in art, with the prospective of "making an undertaking", considering carefully the creative expression and of the value of a person’s work.

This is an important and innovative resource, that TRUCK has put at the disposal of its clients, supporting them in the choices of original and innovative proposals that go towards identifying every single product, that here, is created for the success of the personalization of the articles in thermoplastic with a capacity to determine the single mindness of every Visual Company.

Graphic Support

From 2008, TRUCK has had a Graphic Studio with the capacity to develop and realize completely, Catalogues, Leaflets, commercial Hand bills, adhesives of various types and uses, but above all graphic ideas and proposals for silk screen printing on Mud Flaps, Tool Boxes, Fire Extinguisher Holders, Document Holders, Mudguards.


The Shopping On Line site B2C and B2B is among the most important in Italy, being supported by a very high preparation on SEO-SEM, by the Magento platform integrated with the Gestionale. The key point, the updating, both the photographic contents and that of the texts, constantly monitored and completed, for an always newer and dynamic result.

Photo Studio

TRUCK has an internal photographic studio, equipped with the latest generation slides, the last to arrive the Automatic Rotating Table for shooting and elaborating 360° images. Instruments and software always up dated and innovative to support our partners.