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Iron Division

With the purchase of a new property in 2010, the company strengthened its investment in machinery and presses dedicated to its ability of projecting and realizing prototypes as indicated by a clientele, always more demanding, and to distinguish itself by innovation both the in local and international markets.


The continual request by the market and our desire to give more services and continual assistance, has led us to give the best attention to everything with regards to the personalization of whatever product such as, the tool boxes, mudguards, roll bars, mud flaps, petrol cans, supports and even more.

This choice of diversification, according to the needs of our clients, has led us to realize a range of products always larger and different, in size and in use of its brand and of the company graphic.

Screen printing

From the graphic design, supported by always up-to-date software, dedicated to vector creation, photo retouching and pagination, to the output in film and editing. The next step is the impression of the frames and the use of these in screen printing.

The experience, knowledge and continuous updating, enhance this area of our business, so excellent results. They allow us to manage the entire customization process, from the initial design to printing and packaging, so that each stage of processing is followed and monitored by our team of professionals.

Assembly Kit